Mining & Exploration / Hole Openers

  • TRANSCO Field Replaceable PDC Cutter

    TRANSCO Manufacture PDC Hole Openers Complete with Field Replaceable PDC Cutting Elements. These Cutters can also be Changed out for Milled Tooth and TCI Cutters to Suit Different Formations.

  • TRANSCO Hole Opener Package

    TRANSCO Offer Hole Opener Packages which include the Required Stabilizers for Smoother and Consistent Operation.

  • TRANSCO Offer Field Replaceable Pilot Hole Stabilization on our Hole Openers. The Stabilizers are also Manufactured to the size you need for each Project.

  • TRANSCO Bi-Directional Hole Opener

    TRANSCO Bi-Directional Hole Opener can be used to either Push or Pull from the Rig. It can also be used in the Pilot Hole as a Stabilizer. After Break Through Simple Bolt on the Cutters and Pull back to the Rig to Open the Hole to the Desired Diameter.