Oilfield / Hole Openers / Cutters

  • TRANSCO Cutter Range

    TRANSCO Cutters Cover a Wide Range of Formations from Very Soft to Very Hard. TRANSCO Cutters are Field Replaceable and Interchangeable on Hole Openers in the same Cutter Range. Cutter Ranges are 4", 6", 8", 10" and 14". TRANSCO has a Patented Bolt Down Retention System Which has Proven to be very Successful in all Formations.

  • TRANSCO Cutters

    TRANSCO Cutters come in Milled Tooth, TCI, PDC, Clay Claws, Paddles and Picks

  • TRANSCO Clay Claw

    The Clay Claw Cutters is an Extremely Aggressive Cutter Ideal for Plastic Clay.

  • TRANSCO Pick Cutters

    The Pick Cutters are an Ideal Alternative for the Standard Barrel Reamer. They allow TRANSCO Hole Openers to be Used in Soft Formation and then Bolt on TCI Cutters for the Harder Sections of the Hole.

  • TRANSCO Cutter Refurbishment

    All TRANSCO Cutters can be Striped, Assessed, Inspected and Reworked to Near New Condition at a Fraction of the cost of a New Cutter.