H.D.D / Small Rig Hole Openers


Transco introduces the SRHO series, a new range of hole openers specifically for smaller capacity rigs.

These exciting new hole openers have been developed for the smaller civil energy market. Generally rigs in the small to medium range lack the torque required for the large diameter bodies with 10" and 14" diameter cutters. Listed is a table of standard sizes, however these can be configured in any diameter or collar size/connection to suit your project.

The modern HDD market expects a continually improving advancement in technologies and quality. The SRHO series hole openers present qualities that are expected when using Transco tooling such as;

  • On hole opener bodies 16” through 44” diameter all cutters are interchangeable between body sizes. 
  • Jets to gauge and jets to each cutter. 
  • Heavy ring stabilisation, machined for concentricity and hard faced for maximum wear resistance. 
  • Field replaceable demountable cutters. ​
  • Cutters are all sealed bearing, TCI, mill tooth or PDC suitable and interchangeable for soft, medium and hard formations.
  • Low torque and smooth reaming. 
  • Performs well in broken ground conditions. 
  • Each torque arm includes a wash out port recessed into the ring to allow for easy washout of used bentonite or drill cuttings. 
  • Torque arms can be fitted with picks or paddles to further agitate cuttings slurry. ​
  • As always all mandrels are machined from certified AIS4145H material.

Contact us for more information and pricing of these and any tooling requirements.