About Us 

TRANSCO MFG Manufacture and repair down hole drilling tools for the Raisebore, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Mining and Oilfield Industries.

TRANSCO MFG Australia was established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1990 as a mining / oilfield / industry services tooling company
specializing in the inspection, repair, design and manufacture of raise drill string and down hole drilling tools.

In 1991 Transco registered Transcontinental Supplies in the United States.

In 1998 Transco began manufacturing hole openers, barrel reamers, fly cutters, ring stabilizers, roller reamers and other drilling tools for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Market.

In 2001 Transco began manufacturing down hole drilling tools for the Oil and Gas industry.  Also providing the rental of mud motors, jars, shock subs, stabilizers and other tools, drilling equipment and servicing of client owned equipment to the oil and gas industry.

In 2004 Transco increased its production and versatility opening an additional manufacturing workshop to compliment Transco’s first

In 2005 Transco introduced PDC Bit Refurbishment into the Australian market for the Oil and Gas industry.

In 2006 Transco employed a full time rock bit and cutter design engineer.

In 2006 Transco increased its production and versatility opening an additional manufacturing workshop to compliment Transco’s other two
workshops and began manufacturing its own patented cutters and rock bits in this new state of the art facility.

In 2008 Transco started manufacturing large integral off shore hole openers for the North Sea market. 

In 2009 Transco registered a patent for its cutter retention system.

In 2010 Transco opened a warehouse and office in Houston to service the US Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) market.

In 2011 Transco attained accreditation for American Petroleum Industry (API) Q1 & ISO9001 qualifications. 

In 2012 Transco increased its warehouse space and cutter assembly and refurbishment ability with the building of an additional workshop.

In 2013 Transco attained accreditation for American Petroleum Industry (API) Spec 7.1 qualification.

In 2013 Transco increased its production and large machining capacity with an additional manufacturing workshop to compliment Transco’s
other four workshops.

In 2014 Transco placed inventory into Thailand in partnership with HDD Thailand to better serve the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Oilfield market in and around Thailand, including stock warehousing, rental equipment / down hole tool repair and servicing, to service the growing Asia infrastructure market.

In 2015 Transco opened a workshop and office in Germany and registered the name Transco Down Hole Drilling Tools GMBH.


                                                            We don’t just sell you tools and say good luck! 

                                                 We assist in planning; we go to your site, when there are

                                                             problems we listen and discuss solutions.

                                                           From the discussions, mud maps and / or

                                                            sketches we arrive at tentative solution.  

                                                      From solutions and ideas we design, engineer

                                        and manufacture specialized tooling to suit the customer’s needs!


                                            Transco is recognised globally for its products and solutions

                                                    in the HDD, Mining, Oil, Gas and Industrial service sectors.